Corruption in Europe

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2015 at 2:41 am

As always, a really incisive piece

Cunning Hired Knaves


Ireland’s media is full of moral justifications for subjecting poor people in Greece to even harsher deprivation in order that the country pay off its debt, regardless of the consequences of such deprivation, regardless of the capacity to make the payments, and regardless of the legitimacy of the debt. Even if it is conceded that the so-called ‘bailouts’ have been for banks and not the populace, it is still maintained that the latter must pay up, because they are collectively guilty: either of not paying taxes or of “corruption”.

The underlying suggestion is that the populace of Greece is congenitally, endemically corrupt, and that it must be subjected to the purgative of further austerity. But this is scarcely different from the moral justifications used to defend austerity and bank bailouts in Ireland. And so, when they talk about Greece, they are also talking about Ireland, in projective identification with the…

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